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Artichoke Salad
Bulgar Salad
Cucumber With Fish
Plantain Fritters
Beef Pastry
Beef Stew
Beef With Peppers
Anise Bread
Ethiopian Pancakes
Braised Chicken
Chicken Yassa
Madagascar Chicken
Rwandan Chicken
Buttermilk Pudding
Milk Tart

Sunday, March 29th 2020

African cuisine has played a large influence both directly and indirectly among many countries throughout the world. The Mediterranean rim countries of Northern Africa have spread their influence with such foods as couscous and succulent lamb dishes. Curry and rice dishes that were brought to Africa long ago from India and Arabic countries were further spread to the Americas during colonial times.

Each country and region throughout Africa have distinct styles of cuisines that are largely based on long historical traditions. Fresh fruits and vegetables, lamb, goat, rice, root vegetables, chile peppers, and a huge amount of spices are quite common in most parts.


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