Asado Meat Grill

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Saturday, February 29th 2020

Asado Meat Grill

Buy 1 lb. of meat per person
1 regular sausage (chorizo)
1 black sausage (morcilla)
1/2 kidney
1 stuffed intestine (chinchulin)
1/2 spiced meat covered with a fine membrane (pamplona)
1/2 spiced liver, also covered with membrane
1/2 provolone cheese

To start your fire: Buy "espinillo" logs for firewood. Make sure the logs are hard, dry and thin. It takes about 6 lbs. of wood for 4 persons. Place paper (old newspaper), then pine cones, then the firewood in the grate. If the fire is hard to start, place some meat fat on the wood to burn. Let it burn until it produces a good quantity of red embers. Meanwhile, clean the rack by placing over the fire and wiping it with oil. Remove from heat. Place red embers under the rack, then salted meat on the rack and then the rest of the barbeque, washed and pierced on a grill fork on the rack.

Place the cheese on an oiled iron pan and sprinkle with oregano. The cheese should receive more heat, since it will be served first. When the cheese is brown around the edges, it is done. Remove from fire and serve with fresh white French bread.

All embers are then drawn underneath the meat until it is done. The meat is done when golden brown on both sides.

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Serve cut portions with a salad (Ensalada Rusa/Russian Salad) and "chimichurri.

The Asado/Barbeque may also go with grilled sweet potatoes which are boiled unpeeled and when tender brushed with butter. They are then placed in a hot oven for 45 minutes and served hot.

The meat is served on wooden plates or individual wood boards. Extra dishes are needed for the salad.


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