English Crumpets

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Monday, February 17th 2020

English Crumpets

7 1/8 ounces Strong white flour
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Sugar
3/8 cup Milk
2 1/8 teaspoons Dried yeast
1 pn Bicarb of Soda
Fat for frying

Strong white flour is the type bakers use for bread dough. High in gluten in makes a good risen batter or dough. In England we have 'Crumpet Rings' which are metal, about 3" in diameter. These are placed into a fry pan and act as moulds while the crumpet cooks. Crumpets can be anywhere between 2"and 5" in diameter.

Preference Standard 4 Pack Contact Lenses
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Sift the flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Gently warm the milk to just hand hot and sprinkle on the dried yeast. Leave to stand for 10 or 15 minutes until frothy. Add the yeast mix to flour and beat to a smooth batter. Cover with a damp cloth and leave to stand in a warm place for 45 minutes, or the batter has doubled in size. Dissolve the bicarb in 15ml of warm water and beat it into the batter. Cover again and leave to stand for a further 20 minutes. Place a 3 inch metal pastry cutter into a hot greased fry pan. Pour in about table spoon of the batter to cover the base thinly. Cook until the top is set and the bubbles have burst. Remove it from the ring, turn the crumpet over and cook the other side for 2 or 3
minutes only. It should just colour slightly. Cool on a wire rack.

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