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Clotted Cream
English Crumpets
Steak and Kidney Pie
Christmas Pudding
Spotted Dick
Spotted Dog
Toad in the Hole
Yorkshire Pudding


Sunday, March 29th 2020

British cuisine has a bad reputation in the international culinary world. Many call it bland, simple, and boring leaving no choice but to splash many dishes with the popular bottled brown sauce. Although this can be true in many cases, the simplicity that accompanies many foods can also classify them as comforting. Root vegetables, seafood, beef, liver, sausages, cheese, and bread play are large role throughout native British cuisine.

Part of the reason getting such a bad reputation is due to historical reasons in the last two centuries. The industrial revolution and both World Wars tore away classic cuisines and replaced them with the food that was at hand due to rationing.

Fish and chips, probably one of the most widely known British dishes around the world is quite simple. Battered and fried fish and potatoes served with malt vinegar on the side.

That all being said however, the variety of foods that can be enjoyed today are immense. Indian, Middle Eastern, and East Asian cuisine is quite popular. This is largely due to Britain's territorial past in those areas with the influences brought back by those who completed their duties.



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