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Saturday, March 28th 2020

Capers - Pickled flower buds that originate in the Mediterranean.

Alla Carbonara - A pasta sauce that consists eggs, cheese, and cream.

Casserole - Concoctions of food that are baked in various-sized deep dishes. Usually all the ingredients are mixed together or layered before cooking and topped with cheese.

Castor Sugar - Superfine sugar.

Coriander - Used in both seed and leaf forms, coriander is used throughout the world for its unique flavoring. Also known as Cilantro.

Couscous - Course semolina that is used in many North African and Middle Eastern dishes. Usually it is steamed and served as a side dish to lamb or other meats.

Dice - To cut or chop food into small cubes

Drippings - The juices and fat that is collected from the pan of cooked foods.

Dutch Oven - Large deep pots that are covered with a tight-fitting lid.

Falafel - Deep-fried balls of chickpeas. Popular in the Middle East and North Africa

Flambé - A method of cooking in which foods are splashed with liquor and ignited.

Garam Masala - A collection of spices that are used in Indian cooking. There are numerous combinations but the most common include: chiles, coriander, black pepper, mace, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cumin.

Gazpacho - A cold soup that originated in Spain. Ingredients include: tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, celery, garlic, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Gherkin - Very young pickling cucumbers that are packed in brine.

Gumbo - A thick stew made with vegetables and meats that originated in New Orleans





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