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Argentina - Argentinean
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United States
Uruguay - Uruguayan
Venezuela - Venezuelan
Vietnam - Vietnamese





Saturday, March 28th 2020


Saffron - An expensive spice that is pulled from purple crocus flower. It is used in a variety of dishes for its aromatic flavoring and deep coloring properties.

Salt Pork - Similar to bacon but has a much higher fat content and is not smoked.

Sauerbraten - A German dish that is prepared by marinating meat for a few days then roasting it in its own marinade.

Sauté - To cook food in oil or butter on a pan over a heat source.

Sear - To seal in the juices of meat by browning it on all sides in a very hot pan.

Tabbouleh - A cold Middle Eastern dish that consists of tomatoes, bulgar wheat, lemon juice, onions, parsley, and olive oil.

Tahini - A paste made from sesame seeds.

Tamarind - A sweet and sour fruit that is used in Indian cooking as well as Worcestershire sauce.

Turmeric - A popular Indian spice that is used widely for it aromatic and coloring properties.

Vinaigrette - A simple mixture of oil and vinegar with the addition of herbs and spices.

Whisk - A utensil that is made from looped wires for the purpose of mixing or blending ingredients into a smooth consistency.


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