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Chicken Bhutuwa
Chicken Zucchini
Nepalese Dumplings
Tomato Achar
Nepalese Mustard Greens
Vegetable Curry

Tuesday, March 31st 2020

Nepal - Nepalese Recipes

Nepali cuisine is similar to what you might find in various regions of India, particularly the North. Many dishes are vegetarian due to the large number of Buddahists and those in the population who are Hindi do not eat beef. For those who aren't so strict on their diets, chicken is used quite often in dishes. As mentioned earlier, many ingredients used in India are used in Nepali cuisine. Cumin, corriander seeds, tumeric, cilantro, chiles, tomatoes, onions, curry, and mustard greens.

Steamed dumplings are very popular and are usually prepared with friends and family as a sort of party. They are filled with fragrant spices, herbs, ginger, and meat. Similar to some dumplings served in China.

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