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Norwegian Meatballs

Sunday, March 29th 2020

Norway - Norwegian Recipes

Norway - Norwegian Recipes

Much of Norway's cuisine is based on traditional dishes based on the abundant local game and fish. Although that traditional cuisine exists to this day, many modern dishes are both influenced by local tradition and the cusines of other cultures and nations. Pizzas, pastas, and other popular foods on the international scene are just as popular as local favorites.

Fish plays a large role in the Norwegian diet. Smoked salmon or the salt and sugar cured gravlaks are favorites for sandwiches and cold-cut platters. Another favorite, although mainly consumed on holidays, is lutefisk-one of the national dishes. This salt-cured whitefish, treated with lye during the curing process, has a unique flavor and texture that many outside of Nordic countries consider to have an acquired taste.

Another national dish is Farikal, which consists of mutton, cabbage, potatoes, seasoned lightly and stewed for several hours.



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