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Beef or Lamb Seekh Kabab
Lentils and Rice
Sindhi biryani

Sunday, March 29th 2020

Pakistan - Pakistani Recipes

Pakistan - Pakistani Recipes

In terms of cuisine Pakistan is to South Asia as Switzerland is to Europe. The closer you get to the borders of Pakistan's neighbors the closer the cuisine tends to reflect that neighbor's cuisine. Pakistani cuisine can be described as a refined blend of Indian, Central Asia, Iranian, Afghan, and Middle East cuisine. However, unlike other countries in South Asia, in Pakistan meat plays a much more dominant role with chicken, goat, lamb, and beef being the most popular. To the East the food is much more hot and spicier than the region close to Iran which tends to be much milder. In major cities it is not uncommon to see a rise in fusion-style cuisine mixing the local seasonings and spices of South Asia with cusines found around the world.

Lentils, curries, kababs, rice dishes, tandoori or barbecue, and naan are the most popular types of foods or dishes you'll see served throughout the country, particuarly the central region. The national dish of Pakistan is biryani, biriani, or beriani: a set of rice-based dishes made with aromatice spices and meat, fish, eggs or vegetables.

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