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Portuguese Steak
Portuguese Doughnuts
Sweet Bread
Piri Piri - Hot Sauce
Tomato Rice
Kale Soup
Portuguese Bean Soup

Sunday, March 29th 2020

Portugal - Portuguese Recipes

Portuguese cuisine consists of hearty stews, roasted meats, and seafood.Like Spain, the foods of Portugual were heavily influenced by the Moors and other parts of the Mediterranean. However, the cuisine is overall simple and quite basic.

Linguiça is a popular dried sausage is often eaten with fresh crusty bread. This type of sausage is quite popular in other parts of the world as a gourmet pizza topping and even for breakfast.

Piri Piri sauce is a fiery vinegar based hot sauce used either in cooking or served at the table. Piri Piri is a small red pepper with a hot kick.

Feijoada is a popular bean stew that is cooked slowly along with bacon, pork trimmings, and beef. This dish is prepared often and is also enjoyed throughout Brazil, a former Portugues colony, as well.

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